The role of the basketball referee is to ensure the game is played in a safe and fair environment.

RefereeAylenThe referee has to enforce the rules of the game by making decisions when a violation or foul has occurred and the referee must stop the game and issue the correct penalty.

The role of the basketball referee is to ensure the game is played in a safe and fair environment.

The referee enforces the rules of the game by acknowledging game play violations or fouls. The referee stops the game and issues the correct penalty.

In the Australian junior basketball community referees and umpires are encouraged to be at the game venue at least half an hour before the game is scheduled to start. In addition to rule enforcing, the referee is required to:

· ensure the playing court and equipment is safe.

· communicate with the scoretable and statisticians as required.

· manage the emotions of the players and coaches.

All though not encouraged, at the junior level, there will be occasions during game play where the referee will administer the team’s substitutions and timeouts and then effectively re-commence the game.

Important to the values of basketball, the referee is charged with the responsibility of ensuring unsportsmanlike and unacceptable behaviour is removed from the game. In the instance by which this occurs the referee will penalise the guilty player, coach or team.

At the conclusion of all games, the referee is required to check the scoresheet and sign accordingly. The referee is allowed to correct any mistakes on the scoresheet but only before he or she signs it.


If you are already involved with an association Basketball Australia encourages you to speak with the officials manager or referee coordinator.

In the scenario by which you are not affiliated with a local association you can find them by clicking here.

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